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If you’re ready to get rid of the old vinyl flooring in your home, Flooring Removal Services can help. It might seem like a large, impossible task, but getting rid of an unwanted vinyl-flooring surface can be easy with professional help from an experienced crew.



There are several kinds of vinyl popularly used in homes and businesses, and our removal process is equally effective no matter the type. Some of the types of vinyl we see most often include:

Plank flooring, which is made from vinyl but shaped to look like hardwood flooring. This option gives homeowners who want the look of hardwood a way to do so affordably.
VCT, which stands for vinyl composition tile, is a type of manmade flooring produced by pressing colored vinyl chips into sheets, which are then cut into large tiles.
Vinyl sheeting, which can be anywhere from six to 12 feet wide. This is often used in commercial settings to save time and also.
Vinyl flooring comes printed in all kinds of colors and patterns, and some are so convincing it is hard to tell that they are made of vinyl rather than the material they mimic. But the major con of having vinyl flooring is the way it ages. The top layer of the vinyl breaks down as it ages, causing it to have worn and faded parts. If left in place even longer, it can start peeling away in little patches that become larger strips. Even if the surface remains intact, vinyl can become dry and start to come loose from the concrete subfloor. This leaves you with exposed concrete patches, peeling edges and worse.

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